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Patio Pot (Set of 2)


Brand Henta Products

Easy-Install, Durable Pot Protection

Make your porch the talk of the town. Adding a bit of green is the perfect way to do so. So grab a few Patio Pots to keep your favorite potted plants and trees safe and sturdy. These durable patio pots are perfect for flowers, small trees, or even that new herb garden you’ve been looking to get going. Keep ’em outdoors, indoors, in your water garden, whatever you choose these reusable and long-lasting pots will be the perfect addition to your home.

  • Comes in set of two Patio Pots
  • 27.5” Diameter x 15.5” tall
  • Holds up to 23 gallons
  • Made of durable, reusable Polyethylene material

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