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Our medallions and niches are made of a durable, lightweight Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) polymer. ABS is a strong, resilient pre-finished polymer that is ready for any paint or finishing you choose to add.

Take your chandelier off:

1. Prime & paint to make it match your individual style
2. Caulk around the edges
(Use paintable adhesive caulk)
3. Center & place medallion over electrical box
4. Install ceiling fixture

Can I just order one item if it comes in a set?

Unfortunately no. All of our items sold in sets are packaged as a set and cannot be sold individually.

Shipping is on us within the Continental USA.

If you order a large quantity you may be eligible for an additional discount.  Please call 1-800-473-4682 or email us at to see if your order qualifies.

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We ship to all US states and territories. Additional shipping charges may be added for Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska. Please call 1-800-473-4682 to inquire about this additional charge. Otherwise we will contact you prior to fill order to confirm additional charge.

We generally process and ship orders within 2-3 business days with delivery in 3-5 business days on MOST orders. Delivery time may alter depending on location.

Yes! You can always stop by our office at the address below if you wish to pick up your item.
7334 Caribou St
San Antonio, TX 78238

Installation for both recessed and surface mounted wall niches is simple.

Surface Mounted Niches:

To hang your surface mounted wall niche, first map out where your niche will be placed and mark on the wall where each hanging hole is. Next place a nail in each hole (one nail for La Petite, two nails for Capri). Once your nail is up, simply hang your niche and show off your favorite items!

Recessed Niches:
Step 1

1. Locate stud edges

2. Cut template from the box
3. Trace template between studs
4. Cut and remove drywall
5. Place your new niche and firmly secure to the wall
6. Caulk around the edges (use paintable adhesive caulk)
7. Prime and then paint to make it match your individual style!
(Priming and painting can also be done prior to Step 1 if you prefer.)