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Matscape (Set of 2)


Brand Henta Products

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Protect Your Trees

More than a weed barrier, more than an edge, these beautifully designed Henta tree rings make a yard that is expertly landscaped and weed free...a dream come true. Provides added protection to trees from weed-eater.

To install simply cut along access line.  Fit around the tree or shrub. Directly over grass.  No grass removal or chemicals needed.  If desired, plant your favorite flowers in the designated flower cut out or simply fill the mat with decorative stones, gravel, or wood chips and ENJOY...

Henta Mats are a great DIY landscape addition to protect tree trunks from weeds and to add a decorative touch 

* Comes in set of two Matscape Mats
* Matscape mat is approx. 28" overall diameter... Fits trunk sizes 2" - 12" 
* Keeps Lawn Equipment from damaging tree trunk.
* Henta Mats have holes through out to lets air, water and fertilizer IN but Keeps weeds and grass OUT
* Henta Mats are not only a Protection System but also serve as Planters and a Xeriscape garden addition.

* The trunk on our Henta Mats features a non-choking design, (flaps move away as tree trunk grows). 

* Super long lasting outdoor PE material... you will enjoy for years and years.

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